In januari zijn wij maandag tot en met donderdag gesloten!

Overige dagen geopend vanaf 11.00 (keuken v.a. 12.00 tot 20.00)

Iedere zondag (v.a. 16.00) is er live muziek van Paul Martin.

Live Irish, Scottish, folk, country and classic rock music every Sunday from 16:00.

Yes, every Sunday - iedere zondag.

On the last Sunday of the month we have an open podium - come along and sing a few songs. Open to everyone - full sound equipment in-house.

Een vakantie op Ameland is niet compleet zonder tenminste één bezoek aan hét Pannenkoekhuis. Al meer dan 20 jaar verwelkomt Pannenkoekhuis Onder de Vuurtoren zijn gasten in dit gezellige restaurant.


Naast pannenkoeken serveren we ook andere gerechten. Bekijk ons menu voor snacks, vlees- en visgerechten. Zorg ervoor dat u wat ruimte overhoudt voor onze heerlijke desserts!


Ons terras is vaak omschreven als één van de leukste op Ameland. In 2015 heeft ons terras de top 3 van gezelligste terrassen van Friesland gehaald. 


De perfecte plek om te ontspannen met uw favoriete drankje, hapje of pannenkoek na een lange dag op het strand!

Ons restaurant is rolstoeltoegangelijk, en voor uw hond hebben we koekjes en water. In 2015 hebben we speeltuin uitgebreid met een springkussen. Groepen zijn van harte welkom, het is dan wel verstandig om te reserveren.

Terrasfoto Pannekoekhuis Onder de Vuurtoren, Ameland 


Welkom op Ameland en tot ziens in hét pannenkoekhuis!

Team Pannekoekhuis Onder de Vuurtoren

Irish Music Festival

Live Muziek

Iedere zondag

Live Muziek

Iedere zondag!

Live Irish, Scottish, folk, country and classic rock music every Sunday from 16:00.

Yes, every Sunday - iedere zondag.

On the last Sunday of the month we have an open podium - come along and sing a few songs. Open to everyone - full sound equipment in-house.

Celtic Music Festival 2016 Deelnemers & Agenda

The Twangmen

Paul Martin, Onno Kuipers, Walter Kuipers and Marjolein Meijers.

This is my one chance a year to play with some of the finest musicians you will ever hear. Marjolein has many theatre tours that include the Kuipers brothers and I’ve got to be at my very best to keep up with them. I look forward to this every year. You can expect soulful ballads, Irish drinking songs, fast paced tunes, bagpipes and a whole lot more.

The Box o’Bananas

Jock the Box and Steve Gillies.

Legendary in Scotland and also throughout the known world - some other places too!!! Jock and Steve are two of the greatest musicians to leave Scotland - and there are quite a few in Scotland. Jock’s accordion is routed through a midi system which allows him use amazing tones to back up Steve’s mesmerizing guitar work. They play everything from AC/DC to the gentlest Scottish airs.


Ammie Kooiker, Sip Boelens, Judith Hoomoedt, Jester Nynke de Jong and Chris Brouwer.

They are all members of Ameland’s Canita Tuba brass band. They developed an interest in Irish music and regularly perform an entr’acte during the band’s shows. They are all excellent musicians and their choice of material is wonderful. It is fantastic to hear such lovely Irish music from a group of Amelanders.


Ierse koor uit Epe.

The forty members of DoetMaes have been singing Irish songs since 1996 when they came together in the famous 'Tonnetje bar in Epe. They come from all walks of life and have a "passie voor Ierse liederen, passie voor Ierland en vooral, passie voor het leven."

Marc van Daal

Uilleann pipe maker and performer.

Marc was infected with the Uilleann pipe bug after hearing them at a festival in Belgium. He bought a few sets and discovered they were not so good so he set about making his own. He has since become one of the top makers in Europe and sells many sets in Ireland and around the world. Uilleann is Gaelic for elbow and this is where the air comes from as opposed to the Scottish variety. He is a wonderful player too and spent many years in a group with Walter Kuipers so maybe they will team up again and I’m sure Onno will join in too. Should be amazing.

The Islanders pipes
and drums

Again, way too many to mention!!

They played for the first time in 1990 and have been have been honing their craft
ever since. Today they travel quite a lot through Europe to perform
at many festivals. I can’t wait to see them
marching down the road in full attire with the sensational sound
of the pipes and drums preceding them.



Friday, July 8th - 21:00

A special evening with the Box o’Bananas on our indoor stage.

Saturday, July 9th - 13:00

Outdoor stage with performances by all musicians.

Saturday, July 9th - 21:00

indoor stage with the Twangmen, Bananas, Marc and maybe more!!

Sunday, July 10th - 14:00

Traditional Irish session on the terrace. Bring your own instrument and join the Bananas,
Marc and The Twangmen in an acoustic session. This is what it’s like
in the pubs in Ireland and we even have Jameson, Guinness and Kilkenny!!

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